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Banshee Zone Gallery Page 5

This 2000 Banshee is owned by the world famous "BansheeKing" who lives deep in the woods in Washington state.  Matt has his Banshee loaded with all the good stuff that Banshee's love..... The exhaust system is FMF's "SST" pipes and the air filter system is a Pro-Design "Pro-Flow" with the airbox lid removed.  A Vito's +4 Degree Key has been installed along with a White Bros. Boost Bottle.  Blue Shockwears on all the shocks and an Armadillo swing are plate protects the swingarm. The nerf bars are DG Alloys and a Pro-Design Super Cooler has been installed in the radiator hose. The front fenders have been replaced with UFO's plastic and a Fox crossbar pad protects the handlebars from BansheeKing when he gets outta control.....  
                         B A N S H E E

Angelo aka "banshee962000" owns this beauty. Check out this beast he rides, its a 1996 model year with the following mods.....  Vito's +4 degree key, allen head bolt kit, 340 jet kit and Vito's Super Stock pistons. DG front and back bumpers and wheelie bar, complete DG Baja skid plates, Works triple rates with rezzys covered with Shockwears, Pure Sport's bandits front and rear and a set of Realtors all mounted on Douglas .190 rims.  A Cascade chain slider, mad eyes and a billet handlebar clamp. Pro design kill switch, a Pro-flow with a K&N filter and outerwear, custom checkered flaming skull decals, Magnum low profile handle bars, Pro Grips, CT racing pipes and silencers, Graydon Proline racing nerfs, Pep's steering stabilizer, a 13 tooth sprocket, super cooler, temp gauge and finally lots of TLC. Thats a hellava lota mods !!! Banshee962000 has a great ATV club, you can find all the clubs info at the following link~~~~~>

"EPBanshee" is the owner of this yellow and blue El Paso, Texas Banshee.  David races his banshee in west Texas, New Mexico and Mexico.  Up front are LoneStar A-arms and Works triple rate shocks with rezzys !  Lonestar swingarm, axle and axle carrier. The rear shock was revalved and re-sprung by PEP. Renthal bars and a twist throttle. DG front bumper maier plastics and Holeshots on ITP wheels. The motor uses 28mm pwk's and breaths through a Pro-Design intake with K&N filter and manifolds. FMF Ram valves. Hinson clutch basket and the timing is advanced +4 degrees. The Coolhead is using 19 cc domes. Those big ol' pipes are CPI In-frame pipes  And a hi-performance trued and welded crankshaft in the heart of this beast.  Check out Dave's super-fantastic, sweet-lookin, totally tricked-out 250R too.  
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Send in your Banshee pics for the gallery.  E-mail me up to 4 pictures, and include a description of your Banshee and the mods you have done to it.

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Banshee Zone Gallery Page 5