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Toomey  2:1 Air Filter System

The Toomey 2:1 air filter system replaces your stock airbox and stock air filter. The benefits are.....  more air = more power, and the disadvantage  being the air filter is exposed the dirt, mud and the elements with no airbox surrounding the air filter. Toomey 2:1 filter system can be bought with either a K&N air filter or a UNI air filter. Im using the UNI filter with a waterproof Outerwear over the air filter.
Toomey 2:1

Here's the Outerwear on the air filter

You need to remove your airbox to install the Toomey filter. This photo shows a rear view of the installed air filter.

Looking down at how the intake tract clamps onto the back of both carburetors.

Side view of how the intake tract clamps onto the carbs.

Toomey 2:1 air filter installed with Outerwear.  The horsepower gains are noticeable, and so are the sounds coming from the open air UNI filter directly under your seat.  One benefit is about 10 pounds of heavy bulky airbox and snorkel have been shaved off your Banshee. The waterproof Outerwear works great, I'll find my Outerwear spotted with mud and dust and find the UNI filter is still very clean. As a precaution I always use a good foam air filter spray, like Fab 1 made by Maxima. You can see the top of your rear shock now with the airbox gone and getting at the carbs to make jetting changes got alot easier with out the airbox to deal with.  Just a word of warning though..... stay far away from mud bogging, snow and big ol' mud puddles with this setup. I personally love my Toomey 2:1 air filter system and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to sacrifice staying outta the water for a better breathing, lighter weight, easier to work on Toomey 2:1

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Toomey 2:1 Air Filter System